Song of Honey and Wine

Last Time on the Honeywine

We open with a shot of Groff, The large bearded Iron Born Charging Pall who is being harried by two smaller pirates. The three trade blows and while Pall is able to strike a good blow into Groff, the men are able to gain the upper hand. Jon steps forward asking for calm, but the blood lust has risen in the vikings.
Iver takes out one the men supporting Pall with an arrow to the neck. Alec and Johan charge at him only to be intercepted by his dogs. The bandits open fire from the balcony and again Jon Sues for peace. This time it is granted as Pall makes a hasty retreat followed and Iver informs the assembled that the watch are coming.
The bandits begin to run while the Ironborn attempt to set up some form of barrier. Zeke appears followed by Marvin the Mad Mumbling Mummer. They are allowed in. Zeke sews up the downed soldier. Jon orders a retreat and his party flee into the alley. He and the two septa’s mount up, joined by the Iver and a hapless bandit. They retrieve Zeke’s horse and attempt to leave the city. They are stopped by a guard. As Zeke and the Mummer attempt to convince him to let them through, Jon gets fed up and knocks him out with the flat of his blade. They are seen and forced to flea. The bandit is captured but the party escapes. As they come upon the gate Marvin yells that they are being chased by a shadowcat. The fear painted across his face is enough to get the gaurds to abandoned their posts and through the gate the party rides.
Meanwhile Pall, Johnan, and Alec are having troubles of their own. When they went to fetch their own horses they were spotted by Hightower Guards. They were able to escape but not before the order went out to shut the gates. They were turned away from one gate and at the next showed an order belonging to Lord Honeywine. They rode down the gaurds, but only Pall and Alec were able to get through. Johan’s horse was speared and he went down. Pall and Alec left him behind and were able to meet up with Theor in the forest.
Unfortunetly Jon has spent the majority of his years training with a sword, not in the woods and was unable to find the rendezvous. Both Groups decided to press on alone. Jon and company made their way up the honeywine river to the Honeycomb tower. There they bumped into a familar face, Luke the famer. He had been turned down the gold owed him by Agrim, the steward, by his liege Lord’s son and complained that if only a man with honor who paid his debts would return to the tower he could receive his payment. He dropped a few pieces of information and then headed on his way. Zeke decided that it would be a good time to go to the tower to set up his room.
Pall was stopped on the road, a few days before this. When he revealed his destination it became clear who he was. The Beesbury guard who brought him in indicated a suspicion that Pall was responsible for the death of a number of his men. Pall releneted and allowed himself to be taken to Honeyholt where he was place in a room, given paper with which to write a letter to Stannis. He later decided that he would instead like a trial by combat to clear his name of the false charge of killing Beesbury men.
Zeke was able to make it into the tower with no trouble. The boy lord stopped him the moment he saw him though and demanded to know what happened on the trip. Aided by his own ignorance of Agrim’s actions and his own lack of interest in daily affairs, he informed the Lordling of nothing that happened in Old Town.
He did let him know that Jon was out and about though. The Lordling gathered his men and made his way into the field to find the young Honeywine. Jon noticed the force coming and sent Iver over to talk to the lord. The boy and Iver had some adviserial negotiations while Jon, Begonia, and her Friend, attempted to sneak into the Honeycomb tower. They were stopped by two guards, but Jon over came them. When he got to the tower he rallied his men and told them they were to slay all the beesbury men and any of the Scouts that couldn’t be trusted, on the signal that the lord had been taken.



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